Classic Hot Tub Playlist

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Hello fellow hot tubbers!

As a York based hot tub hire company, it is our duty to provide you with the ultimate addition to your hot tub experience.

So come together! And picture this..

(if you haven't got an imagination, you can borrow mine just for this blog post).

You've hired out a spa for that special occasion.

The water has reached its climax of 40c and the heat from the water is igniting the skies of a cold summer's night.

If that's not enough, the ice bucket has turned the complimentary bottle of Prosescco into a chilled paradise of heaven.

And while the hot tub is now bubbling at its perfect temperature. You turn on the mood lighting, zip up the gazebo and get ready to say goodbye to the daily stresses and to-do lists.

You step inside the hot tub. And the 120 massage jets instantly become your new best friend.

To fully maximise the mood, you put on the Super Hot Tub Hire playlist on Spotify.

And don’t forget to add a few drops of Aromatherapy oils to maximize the mood. A sweet rose or a tranquil lavender will be just perfect.

Once you’re fully relaxed and rejuvenated, you put on your bathrobes and sit by the fire, or cuddle up inside while you enjoy your favorite drink.

In just minutes, on any day, you can rejuvenate your body mind, spirit–and your relationship.

Keep these items on hand, so you can be spontaneous and enjoy a hot tub evening whenever the mood calls:

Fluffy robes, towels, and comfortable slippers to grab and go at any time
A deck or backyard set for romance. Think tiki torches, fire pit, and stringing lights.
Aromatherapy oils
Your favorite Super Hot Tub Hire playlist on Spotify
Find even more ideas for your romantic hot tub night on our accesories page.

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